be still my heart

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hurt, part two: i know tomorrow you'll find better things

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fountains of wayne  better things (live)  buy on itunes
the all-american rejects  move along (acoustic)  buy on itunes
ok go  1000 miles per hour   buy on itunes
the weakerthans  watermark   buy on itunes
time spent driving  thin like paper   buy on itunes
coldplay  fix you   buy on itunes
lauryn hill  everything is everything   buy on itunes
solomon burke  cry to me   buy on itunes
onelinedrawing  smile   buy on itunes
good charlotte  hold on   buy on itunes
the profits  life's worth living  buy on itunes
amos lee  keep it loose, keep it tight   buy on itunes
death cab for cutie  passenger seat   buy on itunes
mason jennings  east of eden   buy on itunes
ben folds  learn to live with what you are   buy on itunes
the new radicals  you get what you give  buy on itunes


for a friend i'm worried about. this is disc two -- a little bit more optimistic than part one.


Little Spencer Boys
Date: 2/6/2006
This friend is gonna wonder about the message... Like how much you like this friend! (which is not necessarily a bad thing). Any Mix with Fountains of Wayne is a FINE mix! Nice Solomon Burke too...
be still my heart
Date: 2/6/2006
haha -- he's actually an ex-boyfriend, so it's not a huge secret that i care a lot. i suppose he could accuse me of sending mixed messages if i give him this mix after breaking up with him, though. . . .
Mike Eternity
Date: 2/6/2006
Word to that Little Spencer Boys said on Fow, Burke, and this conspicuous love letter of yours. Either way, hope your friend gets better, and I don't see how doses of Death Cab and Ben Folds could fail to cure anyone of anything, so I wouldn't worry :)
Date: 2/7/2006
love both mixes, many tracks and artists i really like.

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