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one way ticket to hatesville

Side A
Artist Song Buy
non  cleanliness and order   buy on itunes
john wiese  cat woman is a cat vampire (side a)  buy on itunes
knives  switchblade princess  buy on itunes
ashtray navigations  morningtown spasm  buy on itunes
monster dudes  theres something spooky going on  buy on itunes
conet project  phonetic alphabet nato  buy on itunes
liars  we fenced other gardens with the bones of our own   buy on itunes
sean brooks  i was bouyant  buy on itunes
aaron dilloway  fencing  buy on itunes
suckdog  kill ralph records   buy on itunes
thurston moore  jong  buy on itunes
geto boys  mind playing tricks on me   buy on itunes
impregnable  smile she says  buy on itunes
Side B
anal cunt  you quit doing heroin (pussy)  buy on itunes
angelhair  witch hunt scene from star trek  buy on itunes
boyd rice  hatesville  buy on itunes
harkonen  thunder appeal   buy on itunes
yardobeef  i am the princess and i will decide part 5  buy on itunes
charles manson  mechanical man   buy on itunes
greh wolfs  7" side b  buy on itunes
open city  untitled #4  buy on itunes
dronaement  wassertank  buy on itunes
bastard noise  the approval of constant rape  buy on itunes
dub narcotic  fuck shit up  buy on itunes
six organs of admittance  all the bees in the world  buy on itunes
black tea  no flow for the ho's  buy on itunes
will jima  revelation 666 excerpt  buy on itunes


mostly vinyl source mix tape made for "nightcrawler".


The Nightcrawler
Date: 3/7/2006
Thirty minutes later, I'm still recovering from the sonic intensity. Your mix wins the Most Unsettling prize. I knew a few of these and was able to guess a few others, but most were new to me. Isn't the Conet Project cool? No matter how many times I hear it, it retains its mystique. You also have my favorite Geto Boys song on here. I found Suckdog bizarrely fascinating because of the roundabout connection --- intentional or not --- to "The Simpsons." Also, I thought of "Star Trek" when I heard that Thurston Moore track, and now I see there's a track on here that references the show. Picks: Boyd Rice, Sean Brooks, Liars, Ashtray Navigations, Harkonen, Black Tea. Pans: Bastard Noise, Yardobeef, Anal Cunt. Overall, pretty good. Always interesting.
The Nightcrawler
Date: 3/7/2006
Oh, and Six Organs of Admittance was splendid.

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