another cheery song about killing yourself

Artist Song Buy
eve6  friend of mine  buy on itunes
hole  it's all over now baby blue (bob dylan cover)  buy on itunes
tori amos  spark   buy on itunes
reel big fish  brand new hero   buy on itunes
sugarcult  hate every beautiful day   buy on itunes
blink 182  adam's song  buy on itunes
garbage  it's all over but the crying   buy on itunes
rasputina  things i'm gonna do   buy on itunes
veruca salt  used to know her   buy on itunes
streetlight manifesto  the big sleep   buy on itunes


my brother told me the other day: i think you'll like this song. it's a cheerful song about commiting suicide. he was right.
um... not all these songs are about that... probably.
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