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All Your Song Are Belong To Us

Artist Song Buy
Tool  No Quarter  buy on itunes
Deftones  No Ordinary Love   buy on itunes
Mindless Self Indulgance  Bring The Pain  buy on itunes
A Perfect Circle  Vacant (Live)  buy on itunes
Snake River Conspiracy   How Soon Is Now  buy on itunes
Godhead  Eleanor Rigby   buy on itunes
System Of A Down  The Metro   buy on itunes
Tool  You Lied (Live)  buy on itunes
Marilyn Manson  Working Class Hero  buy on itunes
Sevendust  Going Back To Cali   buy on itunes
Finger Eleven & Tha Alkaholiks  Daaam!  buy on itunes
Staind (featuring Fred Durst & DJ Lethal)  Bring The Noise  buy on itunes
Orgy  Blue Monday   buy on itunes
Staind  Sober (Live)  buy on itunes
A Perfect Circle  Ashes To Ashes (Live)  buy on itunes


SLR061 - The first of a few covers discs I've wanted to make, and the first with my new computer.


Date: 3/14/2001
err, make that "The Metro" not Betro.
John G
Date: 3/5/2002
How can you tell the diff between Staind and Tool? Especially live... Maybe it's just me, but when I first heard Staind, I thought the singer from Tool had a solo project.
Date: 3/5/2002
Well, first of all the in the intro it says "This is a song that we didn't write. It's by Tool." Second of all Tool is my absolute favorite band ever, whereas I despise Staind. So I can tell the difference. :)

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