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Not Ourselves Today

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Tank Hog  I Woke Up In Love This Morning  buy on itunes
Straitjacket Fits  So Long, Marianne  buy on itunes
Alyssa  Suzanne  buy on itunes
Jellyfish Babies  Famous Blue Raincoat  buy on itunes
Pukka Orchestra  Listen To The Radio  buy on itunes
Anna Domino  The Hunter Get Captures By The Game  buy on itunes
The Lemonheads  Luka  buy on itunes
Thelonious Monster  For My Lover  buy on itunes
D. J. Liebowitz  Holiday In Cambodia  buy on itunes
Violent Femmes  Children Of The Revolution  buy on itunes
Bryan Ferry  Let's Stick Together  buy on itunes
Robyn Hitchcock  Kung Fu Fighting  buy on itunes
Side B
Husker Du  Eight Miles High  buy on itunes
Love Delegation  One Velvet Morning  buy on itunes
Psychic TV  Good Vibrations  buy on itunes
Das Damen  Johnny Carson  buy on itunes
The Swans  Love Will Tear Us Apart  buy on itunes
Yellow Magic Orchestra  Day Tripper  buy on itunes
Danielle Dax  Tomorrow Never Knows  buy on itunes
Wall Of Voodoo  Ring Of Fire  buy on itunes
Aztec Camera  Jump  buy on itunes
Golden Paliminos  I've Been The One  buy on itunes
The Chaps  Rawhide  buy on itunes
The Residents with Snakefinger  Kaw-lijah  buy on itunes


Nightlines 205.
Every once in a while, Nightlines would have the "All Cover Weekend," which was always fun. Here is one such weekend, distilled. You haven't lived til you've heard Holiday In Cambodia on solo piano.


Martin Andersen
Date: 12/3/2001
Very cool.
Date: 2/28/2003
Love covers.

I am curious about the closing song Kaw-liga. My copies show Snakefinger on a different tracks. If your version is different than the "stars and hank forever" or the 12" single on Torso, I'd sure like to hear it. Please let me know.

Thanks for posting the good set.

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