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Forgetting How To Swim; or The Inevitable Drowning In Seas of Sleep

Artist Song Buy
Leonard Cohen  Chelsea Hotel #2  buy on itunes
Transient Waves  Rest For The Weary  buy on itunes
Labradford  Wien  buy on itunes
Low  Laser Beam  buy on itunes
PanAmerican  Lights On Water  buy on itunes
Broken Social Scene  Feel Good Lost  buy on itunes
Dirty Three  Ends Of The Earth  buy on itunes
The Dead Texan  Aegina Airlines  buy on itunes
Windy & Carl  The Silent Ocean  buy on itunes
Tomorrowland  Sea Of Serenity  buy on itunes
Tarentel  Two Sides Of Myself, Part Two  buy on itunes
Four Tet  Look After Your Mermaid  buy on itunes


Anyone can put Stars Of The Lid of Brian Eno on shuffle and call it a sleep mix, but i wanted something more solid and perfected. The rules were I couldn't limit myself to just drone/ambient, only one song per band, and it must be under an hour. I've made previous make-shit sleep playlists for myself, thus it was easy to recall the most effective songs, of course I also dug in my library for some I had forgotten. It could be argued that Leonard Cohen doesn't fit at all (obviously) but i was partially lazy to find another soft acoustic track, and i found the sound level on it perfect. So press play and lie in bed, and if you are barely able to make the words to Chelsea Hotel (without it sounding like mumbling) then you're at the perfect sound level. I also found that Transient Wave track as a good follow up because it takes you away from acoustic,however the repetition in it is very mathematical and i often find my brain wrapped around that pattern and moving in sequence to it (similar to that 'counting sheep' idea).

It should also be known I don't like Dirty Three that much, too irish sounding for me, yet I absolutely adore that song, and have put it on many of my makeshit sleep mixes because it truly lulls me like calm waves into sleep.

I'm usually asleep by the time Low or Pan American come's on.
But if you aren't dont worry, that second half of the playlist is the more slow and beautiful and droning.
Hopefully this mix works for you as well as it does for myself.

And please leave me some feedback i would appreciate it. :)


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