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My Name is Dementia

Artist Song Buy
Dave Fischoff  Sallow  buy on itunes
John Cage  In the Name of the Holocaust I  buy on itunes
"8MM"  Devil Changes You  buy on itunes
Edward Ka Spel  Scarlett Cross  buy on itunes
Henry Cowell  Hero Sun  buy on itunes
Null  210  buy on itunes
The Silverman  Silvermandala 2  buy on itunes
Subpoena The Past  Altitude On Ice  buy on itunes
"Labyrinth"  Nothing, Tra La La  buy on itunes
Tone Language  The Robot Sparrows  buy on itunes
"Poltergeist  In the TV  buy on itunes
Kid606  When I Want A Gun Yeah  buy on itunes
Jeff Lew  Flashback Memories  buy on itunes
Karlheinz Stockhausen  53'20  buy on itunes
"Scream"  Gut You Like a Fish  buy on itunes
Elysian Fields  Black Acres  buy on itunes
"Hellraiser"  No pain, No Gain  buy on itunes
Boredoms  Super Good  buy on itunes
Beck  Halo Of God  buy on itunes
The Mission UK  Wasteland  buy on itunes
Buddhist Monks of Maitri Vihar Monastery  Three Mantra Chant  buy on itunes
William Orbit  John Cage's In a Landscape  buy on itunes
William S. Burroughs w/Sonic Youth  The Lord's Prayer  buy on itunes


Probably, the best mix I have ever done, to date. This mix contains some material obtained from epitonic.com, movie samples (of which the Poltergeist one sets the mood a great deal). The Elysian Fields song is just plain beautiful and is so eerie yet provocative. How could any mix meant to inspire dementia not include a John Cage track (a man who released a track of silence and actually performed it live! Too top it off, I used WIllaim S Burroughs' unique voice to leave you wanting more. I cannot keep this mix out of my personal CD player. The sequel to mix is called "My Name is Fester", taken from the Addams Family movie, where Fester proclaims his name for his newfound love: Dementia.
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Date: 3/27/2001
Date: 3/27/2001
Heh, it could be worse, I could have thrown on the planned Merzbow track .
Date: 3/27/2001
Hey, this is nice. And thanks for reminding me that I have to get some Stockhausen.

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