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distortion always wins

Artist Song Buy
Ashtray Navigations  A Skeleton Wearing Boots  buy on itunes
Axolotl  Natura Naturans  buy on itunes
Grouper  Second Skin / Zombie Wind  buy on itunes
Dialing In  Imperfect Fifths  buy on itunes
Of  Axes  buy on itunes
Geoff Mullen  thrtysxtrllnmnfstns track 1  buy on itunes
Ignatz  Echo All Acoustically Correct  buy on itunes
Grey Daturas  A Japanese Romance  buy on itunes
Laddio Bolocko  As If By Remote  buy on itunes
Mouthus  Go To Freeze  buy on itunes
The Goslings  Dinah  buy on itunes
Daniel Menche  Ugly Deluge  buy on itunes
Sunroof!  Cortez tha Killa  buy on itunes


Thirteen scenarios demonstrating the inevitablility of distortion


Date: 3/19/2007
Very cool.

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