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Minneappolis funk

Artist Song Buy
Prince  When Doves Cry  buy on itunes
The Time  Jungle Love  buy on itunes
Vanity 6  Nasty Girl  buy on itunes
Sheila E.  The Glamorous Life  buy on itunes
The Family  Screams Of Passion  buy on itunes
Mazarati  100mph  buy on itunes
Morris Day  Fishnet  buy on itunes
Jesse Johnson  Can You Help Me  buy on itunes
Ta Mara & The Seen  Everybody Dance  buy on itunes
Jill Jones  Mia Boca  buy on itunes
Madhouse  Six  buy on itunes
Vanity  7th Heaven  buy on itunes
Appollonia 6  Sex Shooter  buy on itunes
Andre Cymone  The Dance Electric  buy on itunes
Prince  Kiss  buy on itunes
The Time  Giggolos Get Lonely Too  buy on itunes
Sheila E.  A Love Bizarre  buy on itunes
Morris Day  Oak Tree  buy on itunes



Date: 9/24/2006
C'mon y'all - fill in your "category" when posting! This is a decent "R&B" mix, though is the same Prince track really on here twice?
Date: 9/24/2006
Sorry SteveRaglin for putting Kiss on Twice...I meant to type in "When Doves Cry"....enjoy
Date: 9/25/2006
Ive got something eerily similar to this laying around somewhere. Love the two Sheila picks and the Jill Jones too.

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