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What the Fuck, Whatever the Fuck

Artist Song Buy
Asa-Chang & Junray  Kutsu #2  buy on itunes
Temporary Sound Museum  buy on itunes
Deicide  Remnant of a Hopeless Path  buy on itunes
John Zorn  Sacrifist  buy on itunes
Ornette Coleman  Rubber Gloves  buy on itunes
Kishore Kumar & Manna Dey  Yeh Dosti Hum Hahin  buy on itunes
Derek Bailey & Han Bennink  Call That a Balance  buy on itunes
John Zorn  Ulls Eye  buy on itunes
Kids in the Hall  These Are the Daves I Know  buy on itunes
David Axelrod  Crystal Ball  buy on itunes
Frank Zappa  The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution  buy on itunes
Temporary Sound Museum  ? (a short song that sounds like a chipmunk)  buy on itunes
Merzbow  Akashiman  buy on itunes
Morphine  Bo's Veranda  buy on itunes
Stan Bush  Dare  buy on itunes
Electric Masada  Tekufah  buy on itunes


A mix for my friend Patrick. More on the experimental, loud, odd and beautiful. A couple novelty numbers to surprise. I was thinking about just the Beatle's "Yesterday" or the Stone's "I Can't Get No (Satifisfaction)" for the 2nd to last song.


Date: 11/4/2006
Your friend's a lucky guy.
Date: 11/5/2006
yeah, this looks pretty great.
Date: 11/5/2006
Splendid. Dig the Ornette -> Kishore Kumar/Manna Dey -> Derek Bailey/Han Bennink especially.

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