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Doin the Shuffle

Artist Song Buy
My Chemical Romance  Sleep  buy on itunes
Jem  They  buy on itunes
Gomez  Make No Sound  buy on itunes
Pet Shop Boys  West End Girls  buy on itunes
Mo Ho Baroque Ensemble  Lady Vengence Soundtrack - Track 5  buy on itunes
Stereophonics  Superman  buy on itunes
The Pippettes  One Night Stand  buy on itunes
The Monkees  Love Is Only Sleeping  buy on itunes
Red Hot Chilli Peppers  Desecration Smile  buy on itunes
The Fratellis  Flathead  buy on itunes
Skunk Anansie  The Skank Heads  buy on itunes
DJ DNA  Re-Balance  buy on itunes
Muse  Endlessly  buy on itunes
MF Doom  The Gas Face  buy on itunes


This Mix came about mainly because my car broke down this morning, so while waiting for 90 mins for the RAC man to show up and fix it, I started messing about with my walkman (see what a rebel I am not gettin an Ipod he he) and trying to come up with a mix, as I knew that I wanted already to use MCR'S "Sleep" which is one of my fav's off the new album, but couldn't get anything to mix, so I thought sod it, lets see what the Walkman creates when just left on are the results which have created a pretty decent (if really random) Mix, with Blues, Indie, Scratch and bunch of other fun stuff all included!!
Try it for yourself and see what you get :p

Truffle Shuffling to this mix is purely optional!!
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Date: 12/19/2006
Your Walkman is a right clever trousers. A cracking selection and a remarkably good flow. Is the Walkman available for parties? I dare not try it myself, as you suggest. The result may lead to "issues"; and there's nothing worse than a moody electronic device. Furthermore, perhaps you ought to suggest to the RAC that they list "Walkman Shuffling" as part of their "Things to do whilst waiting for our arrival" section.

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