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Misery In The UK

Artist Song Buy
Chris Farlowe  I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself  buy on itunes
Nouvelle Vague  Guns Of Brixton  buy on itunes
Portishead  Mourning Air  buy on itunes
The Kinks  Dead End Street  buy on itunes
The Beatmen  Now The Sun Has Gone  buy on itunes
Massive Attack  Inertia Creeps  buy on itunes
The Future Sound of London  Dead Cities  buy on itunes
Tindersticks  El Diablo en el Ojo  buy on itunes
Cowboy Junkies  Run For Your Life  buy on itunes
The Herbaliser  'I Know A Bloke' (Interlude)  buy on itunes
Roy Budd  Get Carter  buy on itunes
Special AKA  Gangsters  buy on itunes
Aphex Twin  Milk Man  buy on itunes
Maxence Cyrin  Windowlicker  buy on itunes
Talk Talk  Taphead  buy on itunes
Robert Wyatt  Shipbuilding  buy on itunes
Black Box Recorder  The Facts Of Life  buy on itunes


I've not been listening to music much recently, following my PC breaking along with all my music. However PC - version 2 - is now up and running - and all music was recovered successfully. This month I was inspired by the new Mojo which has a "depression" themed cover cd. I wondered if I could do a distinctly British take on depression, and uneasy listening. & I know the Cowboy Junkies & Maxence Cyrin aren't British, but those are both covers, so they count.

I don't listen to this sort of music much, so this is more a "work in progress" (hey - it is a playlist), please feel free to suggest more tracks. & finally, I know I've used Shipbuilding on a heap of other mixes, I just never get tired of it...
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Date: 1/15/2007
Interesting theme, funny art.
Date: 1/19/2007
Hmmm aren't The Cowboy Junkies from Toronto, Canada & Nouvelle Vague French with singers from the US & Brazil? Aside from that a splendid lookin' mix!

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