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Soundscapes of the Planet

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Sublmie Frequencies  Cremation Procession (Rotating Coffin)  buy on itunes
Birchville Cat Motel  Trembling Frost Spires  buy on itunes
Sublmie Frequencie  Night Lotus Pool  buy on itunes
Sun City Girls  Cafe Batik  buy on itunes
Radio Thailand  543 Years Ahead of You  buy on itunes
Jorma Tapio & Terje Isungset  Turja  buy on itunes
Side B
Jackie-O Motherfucker  In Between  buy on itunes
Sunburned Hand of the Man  Track 2  buy on itunes
Circle  Humusaar  buy on itunes
No Neck Blues Band and Embryo  Zweiter Sommer  buy on itunes
Black Dice & Wolf Eyes  Untitled  buy on itunes
Lalo Schifrin  Gone With The Wave  buy on itunes


This is an almost entirely instrumental mix that flows very nicely. The songs are soundscapes recorded by some of the most creative and interesting artists around. The Sublime Frequencies songs are field recordings from Bali. The Radio Thailand track is made up of actual recordings of various radio stations in Thailand. The whole thing ends with a nice Lalo Schifrin track that sort of sounds like a loungey surf tune. It is taken from vinyl so your can hear the slight scratch of the needle.
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Jay B
Date: 2/13/2007
wowzers, do you fancy a trade? I have stuff more 'alike' (i.e. what the hell is this..) to this mix than most of the mixes in my gallery. Let me know if you're interested.

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