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Cassette | Alternative - College Rock
Cassette | Alternative - College Rock

SY Mix Swap # 10 - The Intolerant Sounds Of Misconception

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Mythos  Dedicated To Werner Braun  buy on itunes
Khan  Stranded  buy on itunes
Khan  Mix Up Man In The Mountains  buy on itunes
Hugh Hopper  Gnat Prong  buy on itunes
Greater Than One  Unkown  buy on itunes
Heldon  Bal - A - Fou  buy on itunes
Gong  Supercotton  buy on itunes
Side B
Poe  Up Through The Spiral  buy on itunes
Van Der Graff Generator  Unknown  buy on itunes
Universe Zero  Combat  buy on itunes
Thinking Plague  The Guardian  buy on itunes
Oril Tentacles  Jurassic Shift  buy on itunes
Poe  A Debt To Pay  buy on itunes
Can  Ping Pong  buy on itunes



Date: 7/26/2007
Where's Magma?
Bytor Peltor
Date: 7/27/2007
I'm sad to say that I'm not too familiar with Magma. Would you highly recommend them?
Date: 7/30/2007
I like it

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