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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre

poem in an ashtray

Side A
Artist Song Buy
akitsa  totale servitude (soleil noir)  buy on itunes
the grey wolves  skin tight orbit (catholic priests fuck children)  buy on itunes
antennas erupt  hollywood hills (self-titled 7")  buy on itunes
iversen  the blue nile (five times me)  buy on itunes
skozey fetisch  short fingers (spectral flight)  buy on itunes
contagious orgasm  wrapped in white rose (dessert addicts will return to this)  buy on itunes
christina carter  to surrender (lace hearts)  buy on itunes
nels cline, andrea parkins & tom rainey  pearly turbo (ash and tabula)  buy on itunes
art lessing & the flower vato  bratvurst (self-titled)  buy on itunes
rudolph grey & rashied ali  implosion - 73 (implosion)  buy on itunes
local disorder  #7 (decay execrations)  buy on itunes
julian bradley  the weigh of the hesitating foot (a companion as glamourous as sleeping on the wheels)  buy on itunes
zavoloka  proza (suspenzia)  buy on itunes
scanner & dessy  whaling wolves [excerpt] (play along)  buy on itunes
mv & ee medicine show  moon nothingness (livestock moon forms rural ragas, vol. 1)  buy on itunes
emerald cloud cobra  #9 (red rayon flower, night beneath the sea)  buy on itunes
pan als allgott saturnia, 1977  #3 (untitled cd-r)  buy on itunes
tovah olson  #5 (on bennifer)  buy on itunes
Side B
intrinsic action  bonus track (groupies)  buy on itunes
pete swanson  #3 (corporate sports)  buy on itunes
ferran fages & margarida garcia  #1 (sloworthography)  buy on itunes
leticia castaneda  untitled (on the verge of redundance)  buy on itunes
ilya monosov  performance 1 (architectures on air and other works)  buy on itunes
deadwood  double drop (trial and terror)  buy on itunes
a fail association  the tree of whip lashes (once, especially once)  buy on itunes
hijokaidan  the dodge ball gourmet (the last recording album)  buy on itunes
chris corsano  sweats (blood pressure)  buy on itunes
sunroof!  white stairs (silver bear mist)  buy on itunes
neil campbell  palace bathroom floor (the hearing force of the humanverse)  buy on itunes
mecha fixes clocks  planet genre specific (orbiting with screwdrivers)  buy on itunes
glenn kotche  reductions or imitations (mobile)  buy on itunes
mori chieko  midnight forest (jumping rabbit)  buy on itunes
robedoor  blood ebbs (blood trance)  buy on itunes
huntress  jets to full snow moon (full snow moon)  buy on itunes
zu & chadbourne  stairway to chadbourne (the zu side of chadbourne)  buy on itunes
lee ranaldo  smoke ring #5 (guitar series, vol. 2)  buy on itunes


alright, here's one of a few new ones. i forgot this site existed for the past two years, funny. anywho, this is experimental. equal parts experimental noise, drone, weird jazz and psych-folk. i lied about it being equal parts, but that stuff's all in there somewhere.


Date: 8/3/2007
Great title. I am unfamiliar with the artists, but they all sound intriguing as does the description.
Date: 8/4/2007
Welcome back.
avant gardening
Date: 8/4/2007
thank you.
Rob Conroy
Date: 8/7/2007
What this is is not only "experimental" but fucking tremendous. Welcome back.
avant gardening
Date: 8/8/2007
ha, thanks man. you know, if you were still down for a trade of any sort, i'm actually able to do one now. been a long ass time coming, i know.

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