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Playlist | Theme - Cover Songs
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CD | Theme - Cover Songs
CD | Theme - Cover Songs

Rubber Cover

Artist Song Buy
Cadence  Drive My Car   buy on itunes
Herbie Hancock  Norwegian Wood  buy on itunes
Laurence Juber  You Won't See Me  buy on itunes
Giovanni Marradi  Nowhere Man  buy on itunes
Rubber Soul Jazz  Think For Yourself  buy on itunes
Augusto Righetti  The Word (La Parola)  buy on itunes
Laurindo Almeida  Michelle  buy on itunes
Joe Val  What Goes On  buy on itunes
The Brothers Four  Girl  buy on itunes
Rock, Salt and Nails  I'm Looking Trough You  buy on itunes
Spyro Gyra  In My Life  buy on itunes
Ben Kweller  Wait  buy on itunes
Michael Hedges  If I Needed Someone  buy on itunes
Lara and The Trailers  Run For Your Life  buy on itunes


Volume 6 of 16 - Complete Beatles' Covers Project. Please refer to Mix ID 114219 (volume 1 of 16)
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Mark Petruccelli
Date: 8/27/2007
Not familiar with any of these versions but the Hancock, Brothers Four, Spyro Gyra and Ben Kweller intrigue me.
Date: 8/29/2007
I'm not familiar with any of these either, and they all intrigue me. especially someone with the name Giovanni Marradi covering "Nowhere Man." was just listening to the Del Rubio Triplets version of "Hey Jude" this evening. hope you have that somewhere. (but you may well hope you don't.)

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