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the drugs won't work

Artist Song Buy
fifty foot hose  opus 11 (interlude)  buy on itunes
sonic youth  eric's trip  buy on itunes
talking heads  drugs  buy on itunes
the dead c  speed kills (interlude)  buy on itunes
happy mondays  24 hour party people  buy on itunes
can  one more night  buy on itunes
fifty foot hose  for paula (interlude)  buy on itunes
the flaming lips  take me ta' mars  buy on itunes
idaho  let's cheat death (interlude)  buy on itunes
codeine  cigarette machine  buy on itunes
pavement  the killing moon  buy on itunes
fifty foot hose  opus 777 (interlude)  buy on itunes
refused  bruitist pome #5  buy on itunes
dj shadow  fixed income  buy on itunes
tricky  ponderosa  buy on itunes
tom waits  we're all mad here  buy on itunes
captain beefheart  abba zaba  buy on itunes
modest mouse  tiny cities made of ashes  buy on itunes
primal scream  i'm comin' down  buy on itunes
my bloody valentine  glider (interlude)  buy on itunes
the verve  endless life   buy on itunes


it's funny because i don't do drugs. this is a somewhat mind-bending tripped-out rollercoaster of music that all seems to flow well.
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Mark Petruccelli
Date: 8/31/2007
That 16 - 19 run is sublime.
Date: 8/31/2007
I hate it when the drugs don't work-good thing this mix does.
brooke shazam
Date: 8/31/2007
s o l i d
Date: 9/11/2007
Compiled like a true crack head. Good job! I usually have to be stoned out of my mind to make it all the way through a Can record.

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