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midnight in a parallel universe

Artist Song Buy
boards of canada  stry craty bya  buy on itunes
dj shadow  midnight in a perfect world  buy on itunes
mirah  body below  buy on itunes
air  kelly watch the stars  buy on itunes
boards of canada  echo the sun  buy on itunes
aesop rock  forest crunk  buy on itunes
the album leaf  over the pond  buy on itunes
the flaming lips  feeling yourself disintegrate  buy on itunes
air formation  i can't remember waking up  buy on itunes
bauhaus  she's in parties  buy on itunes
depeche mode  waiting for the night  buy on itunes
sol seppy  slo fuzz  buy on itunes
metric  hardwire  buy on itunes
smashing pumpkins  to sheila  buy on itunes
r÷yksopp  tristesse globale  buy on itunes


I guess this is sort of part two of Kind of a night time/stargazing/sleep mix. Sorry about the lack of a download on this but I only have wireless access for now.


Date: 9/20/2007
Very nice and when you want the opposite kind of mix from your night time/stargazing/sleep mix, try my "Get Your Groove On" mix which was posted right after yours.
Date: 9/20/2007
This is right up my alley. I'm really liking the look of tracks 8-11, and the great BoC cuts.
Date: 9/21/2007
Based on what I know, this looks really nice.
Date: 12/27/2007
wow this looks amazing...i love the pumpkins, dj shadow, air, and depeche mode tracks.

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