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Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
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Programmable Wreckage vol 1

Artist Song Buy
Robedoor  Ancestress Moon  buy on itunes
Sarin Smoke  It Chars Our Lips Yet Still We Drink track 2  buy on itunes
Starving Weirdos  Wartime Sunrise  buy on itunes
Flashlights  Eckords track 3  buy on itunes
Circle  Mnhle  buy on itunes
Ashtray Navigations  Gnomeleft  buy on itunes
Sonic Youth  Providence  buy on itunes
The Goslings  Windowpane  buy on itunes
Davenport   Private Opening  buy on itunes
Of  Psychotic Episode  buy on itunes
Burial  Forgive  buy on itunes
Nmperign / Jason Lescalleet   Velvet Gloves  buy on itunes
Axolotl  Archons  buy on itunes
Dreamed Yellow Swans  track 4  buy on itunes
Wzt Hearts  Heat Chief 1  buy on itunes
4G  Yellow Cloud  buy on itunes
Sutekh  Wings Over Kansas  buy on itunes
Mogwai  Mogwai Fear Satan (Surgeon Remix)  buy on itunes
Tarentel  Somebody Fucks With Everybody  buy on itunes
Tyondai Braxton  Struck Everywhere  buy on itunes
The Telescopes  dsm-iv axis 1-307.46  buy on itunes
Sunroof!  Ornamental Lake of Death  buy on itunes


A heavily mixed compilation of tracks by some of my favorite noisy people. Email me if you're interested in hearing it.


Date: 10/10/2007
I quite like some of these noisy people, too. That 4G piece (of which I'd venture to guess you used an excerpt) is up there among my favourite 1-hour-plus tracks.
Date: 10/10/2007
Noise is good. Noise is goooood. I don't know most of the bands, but Sonic Youth and Mogwai gabe me a good idea of where you're headed.

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