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heroes: covers collected, spring 2001

Side A
Artist Song Buy
magnetic fields  heroes (david bowie)  buy on itunes
mudhoney  pump it up (elvis costello)  buy on itunes
teenage fanclub  here comes your man (the pixies)  buy on itunes
queens of the stone age  never say never (romeo void)  buy on itunes
elf power  upside down (the jesus and mary chain)  buy on itunes
flying saucer attack  outdoor miner (wire)  buy on itunes
jawbreaker  pretty persuasion (r.e.m.)  buy on itunes
mick harvey featuring nick cave + anita lane  je non plus (serge gainsbourg + jane birkin)  buy on itunes
brainiac  go! (tones on tail)  buy on itunes
primal scream  96 tears (? and the mysterians)  buy on itunes
elastica w/stephen malkmus  the unheard music (X)  buy on itunes
luna  thank you for sending me an angel (talking heads)  buy on itunes
country teasers  stand by your man (tammy wynette)  buy on itunes
the fall  a day in the life (the beatles)  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
elastica  da da da (trio)  buy on itunes
polly jean harvey + john parish  is that all there is? (peggy lee)  buy on itunes
scrawl  public image (p.i.l.)  buy on itunes
yo la tengo  blitzkrieg bop (the ramones)  buy on itunes
teenage fanclub  interstellar overdrive (pink floyd)  buy on itunes
mercury rev  if you want me to stay (sly and the family stone) (* thanks for the correction, damian!)  buy on itunes
black box recorder  seasons in the sun (terry jacks)  buy on itunes
the feelies  paint it black (rolling stones)  buy on itunes
elf power  needles in the camel's eye (brian eno)  buy on itunes
flying saucer attack  the drowners (suede)  buy on itunes
the yummy fur   fiery jack (the fall)  buy on itunes
jawbox  i've got you under my skin (cole porter)  buy on itunes
tindersticks  here (pavement)  buy on itunes
th' faith healers  S.O.S. (abba)  buy on itunes
six by seven  helden (david bowie)  buy on itunes


man, this was fun to main criterias for selection were: 1.) the song had to be one that i was familiar with already and that wasn't going to be completely unknown by most anyone reading this (therefore, i passed on the 16-minute faust cover that ectogram do - and stunningly well, i might add); and, 2.) the artist covering the song had to have infused it with something of their own sound/ note-for-note listless rehashes. the teenage fanclub contributions, "interstellar overdrive" and "here comes your man" are a bit by-the-numbers, but they sparkle and grind (respectively), nonetheless. do i get bonus points for the lopsided bilingual symmetry of opening it with "heroes" in english and closing it with the same in german? please?? (indulgent post-post-script fact: the flying saucer attack take on suede's "the drowners" is my all-time favorite cover version. why? well, it takes the original and turns the intent / tone inside-out. suede's version is saucy, sassy and slinky...but in the hands of bristol's finest, it becomes a deeply creepy, crushingly claustrophobic headf**k nightmare. you're taking me over, indeed.)


Falstaff Dvorak
Date: 5/3/2001
I must have had the first FSA for near a year before realising that was a Suede cover. Ghost's take on the Stones' "Live With Me" could reside here as well. Excellent selections (& tip o' the Blatz for the Heroes/Helden intro/outro).
Date: 5/5/2001
Hey,some nice covers here,some I didn't even know existed (like the Six By Seven one).I thought If You Want Me To Stay was by Sly and the Family Stone originally though.
Anglophilico Cubano
Date: 5/5/2001
shite...I've NEVER heard the FSA "Drowners", or Th'Healers "SOS" must tape for me one of these days!!!
i just love that luna cover by the way...
Date: 5/6/2001
what Faust song did Ectogram do?I'd be interested to find out.
dave e.
Date: 5/7/2001
hey, damian...the ectogram / faust cover is a 16-minute chunk of a segment from "the faust tapes". it was a b-side on the "spoonicon" EP, 1996, ankst records. track it down if you can, it's quite fantastic.
Date: 5/8/2001
wow,they covered something off the Faust Tapes?Ankst Records...isn't that a Welsh label?I'm still trying to figure out how you could cover the Faust Tapes.It sounds nice though.
Date: 5/9/2001
Nice nice tape. Teenage Fanclub do a great little cover of Madonna's Like a Virgin too.
Sean Lally
Date: 3/20/2002
Wow - I'd never heard the Scrawl song or the TFC Pink Floyd song,... and I love both those bands. This looks positively bitchin!

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