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Fucked for Devin

Artist Song Buy
Man Man  Black Mission Goggles - Six Demon Bag (2006)   buy on itunes
Mindflayer  Song 3 - Live December 2nd, 2000 (2000)  buy on itunes
Mouthus  WL - The Long Salt  buy on itunes
Legendary Pink Dots  Guilty Man  buy on itunes
Indian Jewelry  Lesser Snake - Invasive Exotics (2006)  buy on itunes
Current 93  G_1G_1VauvauvauG_¦G_¦ (Black Ships in Their Harbour) - Black Ships Ate the Sky (2006)  buy on itunes
G.G. Allin  Snakemans Dance - Violent Beatings  buy on itunes
Brian J. Davis  Every Work of Art is an Uncomitted Crime  buy on itunes
Fireblood Angel Band  Day of the Trumpet - 7"  buy on itunes
Chrome  How Many Years Too Soon - The Visitation  buy on itunes
Em Dath Rir  Disease - Trees In the Wind At Night  buy on itunes
Dieter P  A Corpse for Mermaids - V/a, An Der Schonen Blauen Donau (1987)  buy on itunes
Mania D  Track Four - Als Die Partisanen Kamen (2001)  buy on itunes
Maxx Klaxon   Internationale 2000 - Paranoid Style (2005)  buy on itunes
Services  Consider - Your Desire Is My Business (2005)  buy on itunes
Electric Love Muffin  Under Candy Bridge - Second Third Time Around (1990)  buy on itunes


A mix that is pretty out there, with some calmer moments.


Date: 10/16/2007
nice opener. i always think of man man as demented circus music.
Date: 10/20/2007
nothing but good things to say when i see man man on a mix.

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