one good cover deserves another

Artist Song Buy
Hem  (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes [Elvis Costello]  buy on itunes
Blanche  Child Of The Moon [The Rolling Stones]  buy on itunes
Jason Webley with Reverend Peyton  Rock Me Mama [Bob Dylan]  buy on itunes
Grievous Angels  Cold Cold Ground [Tom Waits]  buy on itunes
Soda and His Million Piece Band  Cabbagetown Breakdown - W.D.Y.L. [Bo Diddley]  buy on itunes
Michael J. Sheehy  Mystery Train [Elvis Presley]  buy on itunes
Firewater  I Often Dream Of Trains [Robyn Hitchcock]  buy on itunes
Johnette Napolitano  All Tomorrow's Parties [The Velvet Underground]  buy on itunes
The Caulfield Sisters  Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want [The Smiths]  buy on itunes
The Dead Brothers  I Can't Get Enough [Hank Williams Sr.]  buy on itunes
DeVotchKa  Somethin' Stupid [Frank Sinatra]  buy on itunes
Man Man  I'd Rather Be Blind [Etta James]  buy on itunes
Marianne Faithfull  Tower Of Song [Leonard Cohen]  buy on itunes
Pat MacDonald  Taking A Ride With My Best Friend [Depeche Mode]  buy on itunes
Murder City Devils  I'll Come Running [Neil Diamond]  buy on itunes
John Doe  A Case Of You [Joni Mitchell]  buy on itunes
Tarnation with Joe Gore  Leaving On A Jet Plane [John Denver]  buy on itunes
Woven Hand  Ain't No Sunshine [Bill Withers]  buy on itunes
Helldorado  Waiting Around To Die [Townes Van Zandt]  buy on itunes
Crooked Fingers  Mansion On The Hill [Bruce Springsteen]  buy on itunes
Patti Smith  The Boy In The Bubble [Paul Simon]  buy on itunes


a friend and i were discussing our favorite cover songs, so i decided to make him a mix. these are (some of) mine. in brackets next to the song title is who originally did the song, or, if that's unknown, at least the oldest version i could find.


Date: 11/17/2007
This looks like a lot of fun. I can't imagine a cover of Child of the Moon, but it would be a treat to hear...

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