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Try Yak Nudism

Artist Song Buy
Downliners Sect  Why Don't You Smile Now?  buy on itunes
The Buzzcocks  Promises  buy on itunes
The La's  Timeless Melody  buy on itunes
T-Rex  Ride A White Swan  buy on itunes
David Byrne  Miss America  buy on itunes
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien  What Is A Booty?  buy on itunes
Dump  Raspberry Beret  buy on itunes
The Replacements  Kiss Me On The Bus  buy on itunes
The Modern Lovers  Government Center  buy on itunes
The dBs  Big Brown Eyes  buy on itunes
The Left Banke  Pretty Ballerina  buy on itunes
Jens Lekman  A Postcard To Nina  buy on itunes
The Capstan Shafts  Petals On An Austin Rose  buy on itunes
Future Bible Heroes  Hopeless  buy on itunes
The Real Tuesday Weld  (Still) Terminally Ambivalent Over You  buy on itunes
The Blow  Parentheses  buy on itunes
Young Marble Giants  Brand - New - Life  buy on itunes
Craig Wedren  She Don't Sleep  buy on itunes
Kristin Hersh  Houdini Blues  buy on itunes
Slowdive  40 Days  buy on itunes
Spoon  Eddie's Ragga  buy on itunes
Scott Walker  Get Behind Me  buy on itunes
Robyn Hitchcock  I Often Dream Of Trains  buy on itunes


If you're wondering about the title, it's an anagram for the name of the person I'm sending it to. I feel like this just might have too many slow songs towards the end, but otherwise I've got a fairly diverse mix of stuff that would be to her taste.
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Date: 1/16/2008
i'm jealous my name doesn't anagram into something this cool.
Date: 1/16/2008
2,3,4 and 17 are choice tunes, sincerely yours, Pout Rocker.
Date: 1/16/2008
8,9,10 among many excellent tracks, yours truly, A Tart Bent Prick
Date: 1/17/2008
The Left Banke is a real gem, that middle run (and the title) look spot on. Scott Walker does nothing for me, however, but that is just me.
bufo alvarius
Date: 1/17/2008
I'm with doowad on that middle run (7-11, for me). Slow stretch at the end is real nice, as well. Fucking great closing track, too.
sumac tea
Date: 1/17/2008
very cool. and the title's excellent.
Date: 1/17/2008
I've been obsessed with that Blow song lately, too. Altogether lovely.

<3 Sara
Date: 1/19/2008
I can't figure out who the lucky recipient is, but this does look groovin'! So many glorius songs. Hope your next mix is called Ome.
Date: 1/21/2008
well in my opinion, Katy Smyrdiun is one lucky gal. especially like the Kristin Hersh to Scott Walker segment.

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