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CD | Theme - Romantic
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Fixture No. 1 (Soundtrack)

Artist Song Buy
Sunn 0)))  It Took The Night To Believe  buy on itunes
Sunn 0)))  Bathory Erzsebet  buy on itunes
Lustmord  Beckoning  buy on itunes
Lustmord  Aldebaran of the Hyades  buy on itunes
Lustmord  Dark Companion  buy on itunes
Lustmord  Black Star  buy on itunes
Lustmord  Strange Attractor  buy on itunes
Robert Rich  Steel Harmonics  buy on itunes
Robert Rich  Circle Unwound  buy on itunes
Mike Patton  Carne Cruda Squarciata Dal Suono Di Sassofono  buy on itunes
Mike Patton  Elettricita Atmospheriche Candite  buy on itunes
Boyd Rice  A Taste Of Blood  buy on itunes
Artificial Intelligence Agency  The Day The Machines Took Over The World  buy on itunes
Black Mayonnaise  Lead Poisoning  buy on itunes


A little while ago I got really heavily into Andy Warhol. Because of this, I actually attempted an anti-film, which became the two-hour "Fixture No. 1", basically two sections of the film being different colored bulbs on the lighting fixture in my room, nothing else. The soundtrack arrangement wasn't that creative, and was only used to convey a mood.
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Dead Heaven
Date: 1/21/2008
wow , you seldom see Lustmord ANYWHERE. kudos on the song selection and enigmatic cover image

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