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Other Mixes By mez


Side A
Artist Song Buy
NEOTROPIC  Sunflower Girl  buy on itunes
THE BEATLES  Sun King  buy on itunes
ARLING & CAMERON  Spacebeach  buy on itunes
TINDERSTICKS  Sweet Release  buy on itunes
FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON  We Have Explosive (the acoustic outro thing from the song)  buy on itunes
PINK FLOYD  Fearless  buy on itunes
SIGUR ROS  Svefn-g-englar  buy on itunes
EDDIE HENDERSON  Nostalgia  buy on itunes
DUKE PEARSON  The Phantom  buy on itunes
NEOTROPIC  Money For Old Rope  buy on itunes
KING CRIMSON  Cadence & Cascade  buy on itunes
Side B


this mix is from turntables to a yamaha deck. some friend made an mp3 from the tape. brings back my bittersweet days of living alone... uhm etc. you know the deal.


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