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The White Noise  Black Mass: Electric Storm In Hell - An Electric Storm (1973)   buy on itunes
Yellow Swans  I Woke Up - Psychic Secession (2006)  buy on itunes
Can  Bring Me Coffee or Tea - Tago Mago (1971)  buy on itunes
Math  New York/ Butcher - Rubber Musique (????)  buy on itunes
Ritualistic School of Errors  Spluttering Burble - Ritualistic School of Errors (2006)  buy on itunes
Terry Day  Toy Ensemble - Interruptions (2006)  buy on itunes
Legendary Pink Dots  Guilty Man - Shadow Weaver (1992)  buy on itunes
Maskull  Passenger in Time - Maskull (1997)  buy on itunes
Y. Bhekhirst  Rain in Summer - Hot in the Airport (1986)  buy on itunes
Lee Ranaldo  The Bridge - Tellus #10: All Guitars (1985)  buy on itunes
The Dirty Projectors  Fucked For Life - New Attitude (2006)  buy on itunes
The Soft Machine  So Boot If at All - The Soft Machine (1968)  buy on itunes
Pink Filth  Green Tambourine - Pink Filth Presents Seventeen Bubblegum Smashes! (1998)  buy on itunes
Kraftwerk  Heavy Metal Kids - Live Bremen Radio 71 (1971)  buy on itunes


2nd Edition to the hard to categorize rock(ish) music from my computer, mostly downloaded in the summer of 2006. While the Obscure Mix Vol. 1 had more catchy pop and rock, this is more on the experimental side. The Dirty Projectors are a great band to see live. Check them out!
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Date: 2/13/2008
this IS obscure. i've only heard of dirty projectors and kraftwerk! would be interested in hearing the rest
Date: 2/13/2008
downloading now. THANKS!
Date: 2/14/2008
Whoah! two White Noise inclusions within a coupa days of each other (see my Tea With Mr Blackwell mix)what's THAT sayin about the zeitgeist??

Looks great btw but then again putting Soft Machine on a mix is ALWAYS a direct line to my affections.
Date: 2/14/2008
Not too obscure to me but a great mix, anyway. Love the White Noise, Yellow Swans, Can and Legendary Pink Dots tracks
Date: 2/17/2008
Oh, my. Yes, indeedy. This hits me where I live. Great stuff.

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