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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Also-Rans For January 2008

Artist Song Buy
Nightwish  Amaranth   buy on itunes
the Salads  The Roth Kung Fu   buy on itunes
the Pigeon Detectives  I'm Not Sorry   buy on itunes
the Box Social  Big T   buy on itunes
Sunset West  I Can't Think Straight   buy on itunes
Cold War Kids  Saint John   buy on itunes
Velvet Revolver  The Last Fight   buy on itunes
Painkiller Hotel  How Was I Supposed To Know   buy on itunes
MGMT  Time To Pretend   buy on itunes
Cool Kids  I Rock   buy on itunes
Aesop Rock  None Shall Pass   buy on itunes
Eisley  Go Away   buy on itunes
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names  Funeral Face   buy on itunes
the Bittersweets  Long Day   buy on itunes
Ultratone  Congratulations   buy on itunes
Math & Physics Club  Nothing Really Happened   buy on itunes
Bella  Didn't Mean To Break Our Love   buy on itunes
St. Vincent  Now Now   buy on itunes
Burial  Archangel   buy on itunes
Emmy Rossum  Slow Me Down   buy on itunes
the Panics  Don't Fight It   buy on itunes
Louis Philippe  Sweet Dollar Bill   buy on itunes


I'm going to experiment with including links to each song, they may or may not last very long, and if they don't last, I won't replace them. If you enjoy any of the songs I encourage you to explore them further and buy their albums if you enjoy them. I've been too busy to get through a lot of new music for this mix, so it's a lot of leftovers with only a few newly added tracks. Why is Velvet Revolver here? 'Cause I felt like I really hadn't enjoyed anything they'd done yet. In any event, enjoy! And remember, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I have far broader taste in music than the average person, so I can't help it if my mixes are schizophrenic, and varied, and not the norm, cause that's who I am. If you don't like it, keep quiet, because these aren't for you.


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