half-asleep (pt. 1 of 2)

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the del-byzanteens  lies to live by  buy on itunes
nouvelle vague  guns of brixton  buy on itunes
delphine  la fermeture clair  buy on itunes
amelie-les-crayons  ta p'tite flamme  buy on itunes
jolie holland  crush in the ghetto  buy on itunes
the barnabys  punk rock love  buy on itunes
crooked fingers  twilight creeps  buy on itunes
superchunk  never too young to smoke  buy on itunes
too much joy  drunk and in love  buy on itunes
work of saws  baritone astronaut quartet  buy on itunes
clem snide  nick drake tape  buy on itunes
alasdair roberts  firewater  buy on itunes
bonnie prince billy  rudy foolish  buy on itunes
melvern taylor  angel on my shoulder  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  seeing other people  buy on itunes
enon  daughter in the house of fools  buy on itunes
black box recorder  sex life  buy on itunes
cadallaca  o chenilla  buy on itunes


so i came to find out that the crushboy is as much of a mix junkie as i am. today, he handed me three mixes. so i had to make him two more!


Funky Ratchet
Date: 2/20/2008
Really like 7 & 8...
Date: 2/20/2008
gotta laugh at that superchunk title ! Never heard of that before . . . . have heard of loads of the rest though, and I love it . . . .
Date: 2/23/2008
11-13 wake me up.

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