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Don't Let Go Lightly

Artist Song Buy
Antony & the Johnsons  Hope there's Someone  buy on itunes
Radiohead  No Surprises  buy on itunes
Candie Payne  All I Need to Hear  buy on itunes
Emma Pollock  Acid Test  buy on itunes
Ham Sandwich  Never Talk  buy on itunes
Arctic Monkeys  Mardy Bum  buy on itunes
I Was A Cub Scout  Save Your Wishes  buy on itunes
Sally Shapiro  Time to Let Go  buy on itunes
Beirut  Nantes  buy on itunes
The Arcade Fire  Ocean of Noise  buy on itunes
Neil Young  Change Your Mind  buy on itunes
The Coral  Put the Sun Back  buy on itunes
Electric Light Orchestra  Mr Blue Sky  buy on itunes
Okay  My  buy on itunes
Built To Spill  Else  buy on itunes
Destroyer  Foam Hands  buy on itunes
Tim Buckley  Song to the Siren  buy on itunes
Nancy Sinatra  The End  buy on itunes


I haven't been posting here for a long while, for no particular reason. I thought I maybe should pick it up again. This time with a mix reflecting the uncertain times I found myself in recently -- so the genre is not exactly depression, it is somewhere there in between romantic, depression and (possibly) break-up. What it is, I do not know. We will see when the dust clears in the following days -- but what are you supposed to know anyway when you don't know what you should hope for?
CoverArt by Kurt Halsey
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Date: 3/2/2008
Welcome back and good luck. Nice EP pick.
avocado rabbit
Date: 3/2/2008
Some nice selections here to help while the dust settles.
Date: 3/3/2008
Never known what to hope for but I find if I hope for very little I get more than I expect.
Interesting mix, don't wait too long before posting another.
Date: 3/7/2008
Nice stuff . . . I love that track 1, but the piano half way through really gets on my tits !!Haven't heard ELO in an age, which I intend to rectify today. Thanks for reminding me.
Date: 3/25/2008
Buckley and Beirut are main favorites, and Nancy too.

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