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Paradise Lost

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Can  Serpentine   buy on itunes
Samuel B. Charters  Street Piano in Trafalgar Square  buy on itunes
Michael Yonkers  The Big Parade  buy on itunes
Broadcast  Ominous Cloud  buy on itunes
Blossom Dearie  You Have Lived In Autumn  buy on itunes
The Ravens  Going Home  buy on itunes
Raekwon  Incarcerated Scarfaces  buy on itunes
Otis the 3rd  Time  buy on itunes
Smokey And His Sister  Losin'  buy on itunes
Bobb Trimble  Through My Eyes  buy on itunes
The Isley Brothers  Voyage To Atlantis  buy on itunes
The Prisoners  I Drink The Ocean  buy on itunes
Dan Melchior und Das Menace  Madame Nhu  buy on itunes
The Sound Of Feeling  Hurdy Gurdy Man  buy on itunes
Milton Nascimento  Trem De Doido  buy on itunes
El Chicles  La La La  buy on itunes
Elis Regina  Madalena  buy on itunes
Pep Laguarda & Tapineria  Alceu-Vos, Xe Que Ja Es De Dia Sent  buy on itunes
Birgit Lystager  Just Before Dawn  buy on itunes
Reuben Wilson  We're In Love  buy on itunes


Hoyt was soon making a good living by exporting computers to the Middle East. When business was quiet, he and Mimsie would spend the mornings strolling by the Serpentine in Hyde Park and the afternoons in bed with a bottle of Pinot Noir, but these days of heaven were brought to an end by a visit from the Metropolitan Police. A misunderstanding over the export documentation for some Apple Macs led to Hoyt's arrest, and he then made the mistake of putting a roll of twenties in the breast pocket of South London's only honest copper. They were shocked by the two year sentence, though the judge had clearly taken a dislike to Hoyt, his bonhomie mistaken for arrogance. Mimsie visited him in Brixton Prison as often as she was allowed until one day he told her not to come anymore. She carried on working at Mecca Bingo for another month then took a KLM 767 back to Baltimore.

It wasn't only the judge who thought that Hoyt was too cocky. Some of his fellow inmates also took issue with his lack of deference, and he was moved to solitary confinement after one of the yardies put a shank through his ear. The days dragged slowly by in solitary, 22 hours on a metal bed. Occasionally he would catch a glimpse of Mimsie's smile on the ceiling. Her visits had been like gasps of oxygen to him, but he could no longer bear to bring her to this godforsaken place.

He opened his eyes one morning to find the floor covered in water, and soon it was a foot deep and rising. He tried to jump up and yell but he could not move. It seemed like the weight of the very air was pinning him down and within minutes the water was up to his face. As it rose above him he realised that he could still breath, and also now move, and he rolled off the bed into the deep water below where the cell floor had once been. He swam down and down through the blue water into the deep. On the ocean floor there was an enormous coral reef. Swimming through the reef's gullies and channels Hoyt came upon a statue of Madame Nhu, the fomer First Lady of South Vietnam. A shimmering purple-red eel appeared through the mouth of the statue and ribboned down toward the sandy bottom. The eel slid along a gully and then rode up a thick pillar of pink coral, swirled around the head and seemed to crackle with electricity before slinking away as a school of silvery anchovy burst past.

Shrove Tuesday found Mimsie sat in her kitchen drinking dandelion tea and listening to the Prince Frederick Spanish radio station. The DJ imagined himself to be hilarious and she found herself reaching for the dial, accidentally knocking her saucer off the kitchen table. For the briefest of moments the saucer hung in the air, the sunlight reflecting off the bone china before the elemental pull of gravity sent it flying to the floor. Right then Mimsie realised that she would see Hoyt again. They could no more avoid each other than the Earth could slip free of the Sun.


alma cogan
Date: 3/20/2008
I love that Broadcast song, and I'm rather fond of eels too.
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 3/20/2008
Lovely lovely lovely.
Rob Conroy
Date: 3/21/2008
Jesus, this is good. Is that the "serpentine" that Axl mentions in "Welcome to the Jungle"? And will there be a link?
Date: 3/21/2008
So so sublime, as usual. The Can and the Otis the 3rd and Pep Laguarda & Tapineria are favorites from the first listen.
Date: 3/21/2008
I love your blog - the layout, the colours, the tunes of course. But damn, if it didn't take me an hour to download each track individually. Have a heart, this is the impatient generation after all. However, it was an hour well spent. It's not on this mix, but that Raincoats 7' slowed down to 33rpm was terrific. Loved the Birgit Lystager and Pep Laguarda & Tapineria on here. Wouldn't it be great if the Gangsters of Love ever met the Bohannons on their travels....
Date: 3/22/2008
Pardon me Sammy, but Hoyt is in PRISON, if you didn't notice. So I don't think he and Mimsie will be meeting up with the illustrious Gangsters of Love anytime soon. Unless you know a good lawyer. Speaking of which... Rob, I seriously doubt Axl Rose has ever encountered a Serpentine that is 48 acres wide and 40 feet deep (I reckon Mimsie barely lived to tell the tale).
Ruben & the Isleys are my current favorites.
Date: 3/26/2008
well as you might suppose, the Gangsters of Love have spent many a restless night in the slammer, so if Mimsie picks up her regular Hoyt visits again anytime soon, their various paths could indeed converge! and tornadoZ, at least, has a bow-tie once worn by Michael Yonkers that he'd like The Bohannons to autograph when they finally do meet. loved the "Street Piano In Trafalgar Square," the Otis the 3rd track (is he the guy who makes all the elevators, or was that Otis the 2nd?), and the 4-6 and 12-the end stretches were bliss puree, if you must know. I love you, the bohannons!
Date: 3/27/2008
I'm sorry to hear of Hoyt's plight. If he could hear this I'm sure his burden would be lightened. I'm with Alex on 4-6 and, well, all of it really.

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