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MIX for N.G.B.

Artist Song Buy
Yellow Swans  Mass Mirage (8:58)  buy on itunes
Sun Araw  Fog Wheels (15:46)  buy on itunes
Pocahaunted + Robedoor  Hunted Gathering (16:03)  buy on itunes
GHQ  Eureka (7:30)  buy on itunes
Black Dice  Roll Up (7:10)  buy on itunes
Raccoo-oo-oon  Fangs and Arrows (6:18)  buy on itunes
Wolf Eyes  The Driller (3:58)  buy on itunes
Sword Heaven  Town Hag (5:32)  buy on itunes
Prurient  Memory Repeating (3:00)  buy on itunes
Diamanda Galßs  My World Is Empty Without You (4:49)  buy on itunes


Mix made as part of a 2008 international mixtape trade.
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