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Avril DJowerz

Artist Song Buy
Devlin  April Showers   buy on itunes
The Autumns  Boys  buy on itunes
Scott Walker  Hand Me Ups  buy on itunes
Person  Neither Forgiving Nor Forgetting  buy on itunes
DJ /rupture  Minesweeper Suite  buy on itunes
buy on itunes
Sia  The Girl You Lost To Cocaine  buy on itunes
Meschell N'Degeocello + Chris Dave  The National Anthem (Radiohead Cover)  buy on itunes
Bj÷rk  Storm (Drawing Restraint 9)  buy on itunes
Nobukazu Takemura  Water's Sutie (Part 4)  buy on itunes
Imogen Heap  Glittering Clouds (Plague Songs - Locusts)  buy on itunes
Gang Gang Dance  Nomad for Love (God's Money VIII)  buy on itunes
Steve Reich (perf. Duke Quartet + Andrew Russo)  Different Trains for String Quartet and Tape (America - Before the War)  buy on itunes
The Mighty Sparrow  No, Doctor, No  buy on itunes
Regina Spektor  Flyin  buy on itunes
Yeasayer  Sunrise  buy on itunes


Made as the third mix in a sort of trilogy. This is a response to a complicated romantic situation that ended awkwardly and is dragging itself to death. It's something of a long angry "no."

I wanted to explore breakbeats, atonal music, and experimental music with this. There are certainly some traditional structures here but it's all relatively indie or unusual in some way. My favorite songs are Yeasayer - Sunrise and the Reich piece. There's a printable size cover and tracklist if you download the zip file with the mp3s.
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black pearl
Date: 4/29/2008
You're right, we posted almost simultaneously an April mix! From yours I like the Regina Spektor track a lot. She & Him have made a really good album.. The whole concept of the mix came from them. They really sound like April. :)
Date: 4/29/2008
Gang Gang Dance to Yeasayer... NICE! Fantastic work.
Date: 4/29/2008
Meschell N'Degeocello & Bj÷rk ++, great concept.
Date: 4/30/2008
Used that very same Yeasayer song on a mix last month, only it started it off instead of ending. I'll be anxious to hear this one.

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