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Hello to You Out There in Normal Land

Artist Song Buy
Psychotik Tanks  Let's Have a Party  buy on itunes
Lindsey Buckingham  I Think I'm In Trouble   buy on itunes
Vic Godard and Subway Sect   Chain Smoking   buy on itunes
Rip Rig and Panic  Beat the Beast  buy on itunes
Shriekback  My Spine (Is the Bass Line)   buy on itunes
Beastie Boys  The Sounds of Science   buy on itunes
The Damned  Neat Neat Neat  buy on itunes
Ian Dury and the Blockheads  Spasticus Autiscticus   buy on itunes
George Clinton  Atomic Dog   buy on itunes
The Cars  Bye Bye Love   buy on itunes
Simple Minds  Up on the Catwalk   buy on itunes
Godley and Creme   Cry   buy on itunes
ELO  Bluebird   buy on itunes
Dolly Mixture  Been Teen   buy on itunes
Wolfgang Press  I'm Coming Home (Mama)   buy on itunes
Sade  Turn my Back on You   buy on itunes
Lush  Thoughtforms   buy on itunes
Serge Gainsbourg   Hmm Hmm Hmm   buy on itunes
That Petrol Emotion  Creeping to the Cross   buy on itunes
Dif Juz  No Motion   buy on itunes


(April 2008) This was part of an 80s mix exchange posted on Obner. Because I came into the exchange so late, many of the artists and/or songs that I may have included on my mix were already used. As such, I made sure not to duplicate any artists or songs on my mix. This proved very difficult as the mix postings had already reached page 8 on the forum by the time I got around to making mine. This meant that I had to leave off some of my favorite songs and/or groups from the 80s. To further make things difficult, there were a number of artists that I wanted to use that I only have on vinyl for cassette and I was unable to find any of those mp3s (I don't have a set up to digitize my vinyl or cassettes yet). So, the outcome is quite a schizophrenic attempt at an ill-flowing 80s mix filled with punk, experimental, melodic pop, synth and kitsch.
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Date: 5/3/2008
I always had a soft spot for that Godley and Creme and Sade.
Date: 5/5/2008
You did very well with all the restrictions.

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