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Song Album II

Side A
Artist Song Buy
The Carpenters  I Have You  buy on itunes
Henry Cross  Shannon  buy on itunes
Nana Mouskouri  Early On Morning  buy on itunes
Mac Davis  Every Now And Then  buy on itunes
Lynn Anderson  Long Long Time  buy on itunes
David Pomeranz  If You Walked Away  buy on itunes
Tracy  I Love How You Love Me  buy on itunes
Morris Albert  Memories  buy on itunes
The Lettermen  I Can't Help It  buy on itunes
Side B
Ray Stevens  Honky Tonk Waltz  buy on itunes
Demis Roussos  So Dreamy  buy on itunes
Barbara Dickson  My Man  buy on itunes
Henry Gross  Someday  buy on itunes
Conway Twitty  There's More Love In The
Ah-Arms You're Laving (sic) 
buy on itunes
Nana Mouskouri  Quelqu'un Sans Toi  buy on itunes
Johnny Mathis  What Will My Mary Say  buy on itunes
George Baker  Don't Forget Me  buy on itunes
The Tumaleweeds (sic)  Somewhere Between  buy on itunes


Here at the Mercy Home for Abandoned Mixtapes our mission is to provide a loving home to orphaned mixtapes throughout the world. We believe every mix is precious and endeavor to bring new life and new hope to mixes that might otherwise be forgotten forever.

The first lovely mix in this series was rescued from the Wise Penny thrift store in Baltimore, Maryland.   Mixer: Unknown. Listen to Side AListen to Side BAnd lastly, if you know of an abandoned mixtape that needs a caring home please contact the MHFAM immediately.


Date: 5/27/2008
Great concept, so do you reckon that is the Tamaleweeds or the Tumbleweeds?
Tumaleweeds was obviously a mis-spelling of Tumbleweeds (hence the notation "sic" in the tracklisting). Such errors are part of the charm.
Date: 5/28/2008
Ha! Fun... and as a graphic artist, I'm always looking for inspiration. This carefully styled and typeset track listings panel is classically bad, typo and all. I can't wait to go use parenthesis with wild abandon!
Date: 5/29/2008
I wondered... even before I clicked on the link! I'm quite excited to hear it, but it's a little bit funny/sad that whenever I think somebody thrilling/new/ironic/interesting has discovered AotM, it most often turns out to be a new version of you. You're simply one of a wonderful kind.
Date: 5/31/2008
incredible. this is like finding a 3-inch golden nugget sitting on the shelf at the five and dime store! a Wise Penny, indeed! side one: I love how I love that Tracy song, and that Carpenters song wasn't in my collection, but now I have you thanks to it. or wait. strike that, reverse it. track two was great, but it made me wonder what a song called "Henry Cross" by Shannon would sound like... and I haven't heard anything as lovely as that Lynn Anderson song in a long, long time. side two: Demis Roussos voice is so dreamy and Oh, Mary! that Johnny Mathis number was simply divine! I also really laved that Conway Twitty song. and Doowad: Tamaleweeds/Tumbleweeds... my guess is that the actual band name is somewhere between. in any case, let's call the whole thing off. I close this feedback with a quote from my grandmother; as she always used to say each New Year's Eve as she raised her glass to ring in the new year: "Any friend of Nana's is a friend of mine!" p.s. to the unknown mixer: thank you, and well done.

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