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Playlist | Theme - Cover Songs
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CD | Theme - Cover Songs

The Ladies Sing The Beatles - Vol. 10

Artist Song Buy
Barbara Dickson  Across The Universe   buy on itunes
Christina Aguilera  Mother  buy on itunes
Paloma San Basilio  The Long And Winding Road  buy on itunes
Massiel  And I Love Him  buy on itunes
Patricia Barber  A Taste Of Honey  buy on itunes
Dianne Steinberg  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds  buy on itunes
Marcia Griffiths  Don't Let Me Down  buy on itunes
Tiffany  I Saw Her Standing There  buy on itunes
Ana Gabriel  Something  buy on itunes
Lynsey DePaul  Because  buy on itunes
Sandy Farina  Strawberry Fields Forever  buy on itunes
Mathilde Santing  Here, There and Everywhere  buy on itunes
Lisa Hugo  Imagine  buy on itunes
Marie Fredriksson (Roxette)  Help!  buy on itunes
Sonia Evans  She Loves You  buy on itunes
Allison Moorer  Here Comes The Sun  buy on itunes
Claudia Telles  And I Love Her  buy on itunes
Olivia Molina  Let It Be (Aber Wie)  buy on itunes
Paula Cole  Working Class Hero  buy on itunes
Lourdes Robles  The Long And Winding Road  buy on itunes


And (for the time being) I'm done with this series.

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Rebel Princess
Date: 6/13/2008
I was just about to ask how long you could keep this series going. I know quite few women on here, so it'll be interesting to hear it.
Date: 6/14/2008
Every playlist in this series of yours is a delight!
Date: 6/14/2008
Nice culmination to a great series! Were you scraping the bottom of the barrel with Tiffany? ;) Thanks for the DL link. I'll let you know when I get around to finishing my next one -- I'm not as prolific as you are!

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