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On the Edge of Love

Artist Song Buy
the zombies  the way i feel inside  buy on itunes
carey ott  am i just one?  buy on itunes
kate voegele  i won't disagree  buy on itunes
liz phair  everything to me  buy on itunes
belle & sebastian  if she wants me  buy on itunes
sondre lerche  modern nature  buy on itunes
kings of convenience  misread  buy on itunes
rilo kiley  does he love you  buy on itunes
the smiths  girl afriad  buy on itunes
graham coxon  you & i  buy on itunes
the stars  what i'm trying to say  buy on itunes
nada surf  are you lightening?  buy on itunes
joshua radin  the fear you won't fall  buy on itunes
rosie thomas  since you've been around  buy on itunes
ani difranco  anticipate  buy on itunes
mason jennings  new york city  buy on itunes
guster  parachute  buy on itunes
postal service  be still my heart  buy on itunes
onelinedrawing  superhero  buy on itunes


66 min. for me:) title from #13 I am very proud of this mix because i love the theme here of uncertain love. its been pretty repetitive in my life.... Every insecurity, every "do you really think so?", every "there's no way he's into me" or "i don't know what to do" is wrapped up in this mix. When you KNOW for sure you have that connection with someone but you're just right there on the edge of love. this is the mix that describes the emotions of one of life's more torturous phases. this is PRE-LoVe. the mind games, the physical games, the furtive glances....the strange feeling that you actually prefer this to a real relationship...that with this, you have more control

1. this zombie track was absolutely perfect, if you feel what i feel then we are all good,,,
2. the classic "do you treat with everyone like this?"? am i special???
3/4. i love these tracks, when they belt it, you FEEEEEL it. i like these two next to each other too.
9/10 also perfectly sums up the theme here, and i like how it flows into coxon's glorious little tune
11/13 these two songs were the inspiration for the mix
16. mason jennings advice on the subject "jump right in!!"
sometimes this can have good results or bad consequences
17. this is the "Okay im going to jump......but i got a parachute" -if you know how to love yourself you will always land on your feet, self love=the parachute plus this song is beautiful
18. calm thyself everything will be okay
19. i wrestled between putting this as the closer and putting "true love will find you in the end" as the closer. I chose this one because its more closely connected with the theme, and i especially love the lyrics,
When you make someone into a superhero
know that they will fly
and they will see right through you
they will burn so bright
that they will make you blind
love can screw you up and make you blind but eventually it will find you...i also like the "fly" reference here tying it back to the fear of "falling", jumping right in, and the parachute. the process of love is so tremendously consuming, but so worth it.
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