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i want my serotonin back

Artist Song Buy
the dutch outsiders  keep on trying  buy on itunes
house of love  the hedonist  buy on itunes
joy division  a means to an end  buy on itunes
the animals  don't let me be misunderstood  buy on itunes
dream syndicate  that's what you always say  buy on itunes
fm  sensitive   buy on itunes
tvp  silly girl  buy on itunes
sea urchins  sullen eyes  buy on itunes
fm  as far as i can see  buy on itunes
bailter space  glass  buy on itunes
modest mouse  positive negative  buy on itunes
cure  the drowning man  buy on itunes


in need of sleep + carbohydrates + air + rest+ possibly drugs


Date: 6/17/2008
oooh, i like ;]
Date: 6/19/2008
Hey Fieldmouse is my pet name for my girlfriend. She loves the Sea Urchins too. You're not her though because she has no time for Modest Mouse.

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