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Brian Wilson  Heroes&Villains  buy on itunes
Dr. Dog  From  buy on itunes
Albert Hammond, Jr.  Rocket  buy on itunes
Weezer  Troublemaker  buy on itunes
G Love & Special Sauce  Astronaut  buy on itunes
British Sea Power  Lights Out for Darker Skies  buy on itunes
Neil Young   Rockin in the Freeworld  buy on itunes
The Make Up   Hey Joe  buy on itunes
Loretta Lynn  Have Mercy  buy on itunes
Steve Earle  Snake Oil  buy on itunes
Fleetwood Mac  Think About Me  buy on itunes
Maria McKee  Am I the Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)  buy on itunes
The Cramps  Rt. 66  buy on itunes
Gowns  What If Not You  buy on itunes
NIN  Corona Radiata  buy on itunes
Dragons of Zynth  Breaker  buy on itunes
No Age  Teen Creeps  buy on itunes
Weezer  Pig  buy on itunes


first playlist I've made in ages with mostly new(er) tunes. I submitted this on another message board and got nothing but indifference. Some people can't handle the way my tastes veer - I think if people cannot, it's about them, not me. I like this mix b/c it is what the title says: Opulent and sort of stupid, at least in the sense that it's very produced, glossy,studio-polished music.


Rebel Princess
Date: 7/24/2008
I don't see why this would bring out indifference. Liking 1, 3, 7 and 11 esp.
Date: 7/24/2008
Don't allow indifference around these parts so I'll throw my support behind tracks 1,7 and 8.
Date: 7/24/2008
Loving 1, 2, 9, and 18, especially, though all the songs are pure gold.
Date: 7/24/2008
I think the indifference stems from two things: 1) I didn't up the mix so people could DL and decide whether they liked it, which is a very big deal at this particular board and 2) it's not indie enough. Had I replaced all the country elements w/ Fleet Foxes and King Khan et al, it would've been a different thing.
Date: 7/24/2008
Opulent and sort of stupid is the perfect way to go through life. Neil, Loretta, Earle & the Mac are precisely my cup o' tea. Well done.

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