Liz and Gabriel Are Driving Across the Country, Volume Four: Pacific Time

Artist Song Buy
Take a Stand (USAF recruiting radio spot, circa 1970?)  buy on itunes
The Millionaires  Baby Can't Sleep  buy on itunes
Family Fodder  Cold Wars  buy on itunes
The Homosexuals  Neutron Lover  buy on itunes
This Heat  S.P.Q.R.  buy on itunes
The Damned  Neat Neat Neat  buy on itunes
The Knife  Kino  buy on itunes
Klaus Nomi  You Don't Own Me  buy on itunes
Nivea  Don't Mess With the Radio  buy on itunes
Shirley Ellis  Soul Time  buy on itunes
Gloria Jones  Tainted Love  buy on itunes
Sparks  Talent Is an Asset  buy on itunes
The Go-Betweens  Love Goes On!  buy on itunes
Eartha Kitt  The Heel  buy on itunes
The Yardbirds  Happenings Ten Years Time Ago  buy on itunes
Mathematiques Modernes  Disco Rough  buy on itunes
Mission of Burma  Fun World  buy on itunes
Felice Taylor  I'm Under the Influence of Love  buy on itunes
Nico  I'm Not Saying  buy on itunes
Thunderthighs  Central Park Arrest  buy on itunes
Heaven 17  (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang  buy on itunes
Nina Simone  Sinnerman  buy on itunes


Mes amis Liz and Gabriel are moving from Providence to San Diego the day after tomorrow and, as they're driving the whole way, they need a shitload of CDs to listen to. This is the last of four I made them. Hopefully other people have made them CDs, because the five-and-a-third hours I've given them won't cut it all the way across the country.


Date: 7/29/2008
And it's a really good fri-e-n-d who can figure out how to get Eartha Kitt, Nico, and Nina Simone on the same mix with Sparks and Heaven 17! (Heaven 17!) Now all they need are some fast food and gas gift cards, a copy of *On the Road*, and they'll be set!

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