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Jazzy instrumental Beatles - Volume 07

Artist Song Buy
Alex Domshot  The Fool On The Hill   buy on itunes
Berry Lipman & His Orchestra  She Loves You  buy on itunes
Gephart Long Quartet  Eleanor Rigby  buy on itunes
Mike Miller  Julia  buy on itunes
La Manzana Andina  All My Loving  buy on itunes
Big Jim Sullivan  She's Leaving Home  buy on itunes
Sandy Nelson  A Hard Day's Night  buy on itunes
Per Arne Glorvigen & G÷ran S÷llscher  I Want To Hold Your Hand  buy on itunes
Evangelos Boudouris & Mario Razi  Fool On The Hill  buy on itunes
Pamela Hines  I Will  buy on itunes
Yoshiko Kishino  Imagine  buy on itunes
Hugo Montenegro  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds  buy on itunes
Black Dyke Band  She Loves You  buy on itunes
The Mystic Moods Orchestra  Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)  buy on itunes
Tony Hatch Orchestra  With A Little Help From My Frien ds  buy on itunes
Les & Larry Elgart  Nowhere Man  buy on itunes
Allen Toussaint Orchestra  A Day In The Life  buy on itunes
Henrique Cazes & Carlos Malta  The Long and Winding Road  buy on itunes


PW: LJB1007. Track 5 is dedicated to Moe for his comment on "Falamos Rock & Roll - Tocamos e Cantamos The Beatles - CD 03 & CD 04" Mix ID 120766
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