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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

skullgrinder: the musical

Side A
Artist Song Buy
dead child  never bet the devil your head  buy on itunes
motorhead  k*lled by death  buy on itunes
nick cave  scum  buy on itunes
the murder city devils  press gang  buy on itunes
boris  painted with flame  buy on itunes
the stooges  your pretty face is going to hell  buy on itunes
the apes  lightning  buy on itunes
Side B
don caballero  no more peace and quiet for the warlike  buy on itunes
lightning bolt  dead cowboy  buy on itunes
comets on fire  the antlers of the midnight sun  buy on itunes
halo of flies  headburn  buy on itunes
slayer  dissident aggressor  buy on itunes
big black  columbian necktie  buy on itunes
hot snakes  suicide invoice  buy on itunes


deals with the devil! derelict lust! shanghai'd sailors! japanese monsters! suicide pacts! riots in the streets! gore galore! made for a pal* to skateboard to.

sidenote: what's with the onsite censorship? of course the name of the song is malicious. it's motorhead.

*the site forced me to use another word besides fri*nd because of the word spelled by its last three letters. seriously.
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anthony lombardi
Date: 8/14/2008

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