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Spectacular September vs Awful August

Artist Song Buy
Deer Tick  Ashamed  buy on itunes
Glasvegas  Lonesome Swan  buy on itunes
The Wrens  She Snds Kisses  buy on itunes
Cyndi Lauper  Lay Me Down  buy on itunes
The Tallest Man on Earth  The Gardner  buy on itunes
Clifford T Ward  Gaye  buy on itunes
Los Campesinos!  We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed  buy on itunes
Mogwai  I'm Jim Morrisson, I'm Dead  buy on itunes
Ballboy  I Gave Up My Eyes to a Man That Was Blind  buy on itunes
The Dismemberment Plan  Ellen and Ben  buy on itunes
Fleetwood Mac  Songbird  buy on itunes
The Gaslight Anthem  Red at Night  buy on itunes
Willy Mason  The World That I Wanted  buy on itunes
Pacific!  Silent Running  buy on itunes
Jackie Leven  Leven's Lament  buy on itunes
Doomtree  Gander Back  buy on itunes
Frightened Rabbit  Floating in the Forth  buy on itunes
Deerhunter  Nothing Ever Happened  buy on itunes
Tom Carter and Christian Keifer  Jesse James  buy on itunes


Hello. I hate August. Really really hate August. I used to think it was SAD but then I realised that I was just sad in general, and August was just particularly awful. I have finally managed to buy a CD burner, and by the luck of promo CDs, people in high places, and skilful manipulation of myspace, I've built a mix from this August to take into the next one. Personal favourites from here are the Cyndi Lauper track, which is basically Kleerup's Thank You For Nothing, with her vocals on top, the Los Campesinos track was sent to me by Tom Campesinos himself through the post and is probably the best thing they've done to date. I also love the Deer Tick and the Tallest Man on Earth tracks, which sound quite similar to untrained ears, but are two of the best modern folk songs I've heard in ages. And August wouldn't be August without the maudlin Scots (Glasvegas and Frightened Rabbit). Lovely.


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