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[524] life is shit, so why NOT vote for john mccain? (and make it shittier still)

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the rumble strips  girls and boys in love  buy on itunes
ida maria  i like you so much better when you're naked  buy on itunes
my name is george  why won't u b my luv?  buy on itunes
annie  take you home  buy on itunes
the features  the drawing board  buy on itunes
nina kinert  get off  buy on itunes
dirty pretty things  come closer  buy on itunes
cloetta paris  cry just a little bit  buy on itunes
old 97's  ride  buy on itunes
oppenheimer  support our truths  buy on itunes
tupelo honeys  the return of the weeping man  buy on itunes
electric six  heavy women  buy on itunes
the stills  dinosaurs  buy on itunes
gram rabbit  shiny monster  buy on itunes
jeff hanson  if only i knew  buy on itunes
bloc party  ion square  buy on itunes
mighty six ninety  never go to sleep  buy on itunes
lambchop  sharing a gibson with martin luther king jr.  buy on itunes
royal treatment plant  undercurrent  buy on itunes
faded paper figures  logos  buy on itunes
carla bruni  ma jeunesse  buy on itunes
louis armstrong  hello dolly  buy on itunes
janis joplin  piece of my heart  buy on itunes


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Mr. Mirage
Date: 9/8/2008
Never.NEVER.NEVER!!!!The two things this country needs, either A) Armed Insurrection And Op3n Revolt, or, B) Tanks In The Streets.What disgusts me is that A will bring about B, but B would not bring about A.... what the HELL is wrong with you (figurative you) people?????

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