it's the same ground grounding us.

Artist Song Buy
vampire weeke nd  oxford comma  buy on itunes
bright eyes  take it easy (love nothing)  buy on itunes
felt (murs & slug)  the two  buy on itunes
medications  twine time  buy on itunes
someone still loves you boris yeltsin  modern mystery  buy on itunes
tokyo police club  your english is good  buy on itunes
cap'n jazz  in the clear  buy on itunes
the faint  mirror error  buy on itunes
her space holiday  something to do with my hands (arab strap remix)  buy on itunes
the new trust  wake up, it's the nineties  buy on itunes
foals  olympic airways  buy on itunes
atmosphere  you  buy on itunes
modest mouse  we've got everything  buy on itunes
of montreal  nonpareil of favor  buy on itunes
sleater-kinney  oh!  buy on itunes
radiohead  a wolf at the dor (it girl. rag doll)  buy on itunes
minus the bear  we are not a football team (acoustic)  buy on itunes


60 minutes for mark morford. he is my favourite columnist and arguably one of the more brilliant writers of our time. i put together an assortment of songs that have been getting major play on my ipod to give to him when i saw him speak.


Date: 10/12/2008
Nicely done, good gravy.
Date: 10/12/2008
Woah, you've covered it all. I love everything on here. Yesssssss.
anthony lombardi
Date: 10/12/2008
this looks fantastic, natalye - 1, 3, 13, 14, & 16 are my favorites - he should definitely dig this, if he knows what's good for him
Date: 10/13/2008
big ups to s-k, of montreal, sslyby, and medications!
Date: 10/13/2008
A ever, a brilliant mix. Over on this side of the world, we don't know about Mark Morford, so thanks for the tip.
Date: 10/21/2008
Loads of great picks here. Nice.

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