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Vlad the Accountant's Fukken Uber Mix III

Artist Song Buy
Led Zeppelin  Hats Off to (Roy) Harper  buy on itunes
Mot÷rhead  Fast and Loose  buy on itunes
Chuck Berry  Around and Around  buy on itunes
The Jimi He ndrix Expereince  Manic Depression  buy on itunes
The Ramones  Psycho Therapy  buy on itunes
The Melvins  Zodiac  buy on itunes
Nirvana   Sifting  buy on itunes
Celtic Frost  (Beyond the) North Winds  buy on itunes
Nile  Dusk Falls Upon the Temple of the Serpent on the Mount of Sunrise  buy on itunes
Iron Maiden  Powerslave  buy on itunes
Primus  Frizzle Fry  buy on itunes
Slayer  Dead Skin Mask  buy on itunes
TSOL  Dance With Me  buy on itunes
The Misfits  Halloween  buy on itunes
Sonic Youth  Mildred Pierce  buy on itunes
The Jimi Hen drix Expereince  ...And the Gods Made Love  buy on itunes
Black Sabbath  Children of the Grave  buy on itunes
Metallica  Master of Puppets  buy on itunes
The Stooges  Fun House  buy on itunes


Made for the third Fukken Uber Death Party, a gethering of folk to listen to horrorshow music and generally have a real cool time.....I wasn't able to atte nd this time, but I did make this mix. Too much stuff was cut...Deep Purple, Morbid Angel, the Cramps, the Angry Samoans, Ministry, Television, Pink Floyd, Rammstein, Blue Oyster Cult....ah well. I'm satisfied with the finished product, especially 9-14. Dig it!


Darth Pazuzu
Date: 11/1/2008
Holy cow!! What an awesome combination of songs! Personally, I'd love to hear ...And The Gods Made Love leading into Children Of The Grave. (I get goosebumps just thinking about it!) I've always loved that really cool, weird riff from Nirvana's Sifting, and Master Of Puppets and Fun House together make for one hell of one-two punch to go out with!

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