the left coast meets anthony lombardi.

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wheat  closer to mercury  buy on itunes
voxtrot  the start of something  buy on itunes
the postal service  such great heights (john tejada remix)  buy on itunes
spoon  anything you want  buy on itunes
the sounds  tony the beat  buy on itunes
pop unknown  another holiday  buy on itunes
rancid  the 11th hour  buy on itunes
the smiths  cemetry gates  buy on itunes
volcano, i'm still excited!!  in green  buy on itunes
unwritten law  cailin  buy on itunes
sondre lerche  my hands are shaking  buy on itunes
rilo kiley  it's a hit  buy on itunes
velvet teen  caspian can wait  buy on itunes
phoenix  everything is everything  buy on itunes
sleater-kinney  get up  buy on itunes
13 & god  men of station  buy on itunes
the weakerthans  psalm for the elks lodge last call  buy on itunes
track star  the one we play  buy on itunes
pocket for corduroy  everything you're on  buy on itunes
pinback  afk  buy on itunes
sea wolf  neutral ground  buy on itunes
the wunder years  superbowl sunday  buy on itunes
tokyo police club  centennial  buy on itunes
pedro the lion  big trucks  buy on itunes
radiohead  sit down, stand up (snakes and ladders)  buy on itunes
ultimate fakebook  tell me what you want  buy on itunes


100 minutes. last night was girls night and on a whim, my pals decided we were drinking in the city. so off we drove to san francisco, and (as normal), i got to play dj. this is the mix i made. tracks 1-14 were the ride there and 15-26 were the ride back. while in the car, the one and only anthony lombardi mentioned in the title and i were texting and trying to decide who would be dj if the two of us were ever in a car together (sorry kid, but you're never touching my ipod!). also interesting to note is that after "cemetry gates" came on, my roommate requested "this c h a r m i n g man" (which i wouldn't play) and after "afk" she kept asking for "fortress" (which i also wouldn't play). doesn't she know that you can't repeat artists on a real true awesome mix? yeah.


Date: 11/23/2008
if natalyesaurus and anthony lombardi were texting, two things are certain: they were talking about great music, and no capital letters were seen.
Date: 11/23/2008
Girls' nights out - the stuff that fun is made of! Glad you had the good time you deserve, and that somehow anthony got to be part of it. And Mixxer's comment is so on target! Ha! Ha!
Date: 11/24/2008
ditto what mixxer said.
Funky Ratchet
Date: 11/24/2008
The Sleater-Kinney track is my favorite here...a great mix for a car ride, for sure.
avocado rabbit
Date: 11/24/2008
I once had an assistant editor for the magazine I published, who one day decided there was too much punctuation in the magazine. And he was going to do something about it. Fortunately we caught him before the magazine went to the printer.
Of course, this has nothing do with the mix, only Mixxer's comment. It's a fine mix, capitals or not.
Fall Semester
Date: 11/29/2008
Hey I emailed you. Did you get it?
Date: 12/10/2008
Looks like the real party was in the car.

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