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Just Be Thankful

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Tonys Tones  Please Download   buy on itunes
I hope you enjoy  happy holidaze  buy on itunes
this mix should be  enjoyed as a gapless  buy on itunes
album even if the mixing  isn't impressive  buy on itunes


This mix is a mixed bag . I recorded the vinyl records to mp3 and forgot to write down the artists and titles. Majority of these records i've acquired in the last year. Most tunes are cheap thrift scores and some cost just barely much more. there are two mp3's but don't hold it against me I had to fill in some gaps toward the exit. expect everything from indian jams, whale songs, modern soul, boogie r'n'b, brazillian joints, couple jazz tunes, throatsinging, soundtrack cuts, and more interesting grooves i've been meaning to share...
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