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It Goes All The Way Up To 11..

Artist Song Buy
Justice  Genensis  buy on itunes
Sebastian  Kil[l]ing in The Name Of  buy on itunes
Klaxons  Atlantis To Interzone  buy on itunes
Millionaires  Alcohol  buy on itunes
Spank Rock  Girls And Boys  buy on itunes
Black Dice  Smiling off (Edit)  buy on itunes
Wiley  Wearing My Rolex  buy on itunes
Benga  26 Basslines  buy on itunes
BJ Nielsen  Heart And Soul  buy on itunes
Steinski  The Motorcade Sped On  buy on itunes
MGMT  Electric Feel (Justice Remix)  buy on itunes
DJ Scotch Egg  Scotch Circus  buy on itunes
OP:L Bastards  Scorpius  buy on itunes
Eric Copeland  Osni  buy on itunes
Burning Star Core  Through The Bars Of A Rhyme  buy on itunes
Fuck Buttons  Bright Tomorrow  buy on itunes
Dalek  Ever Somber  buy on itunes
Fucked Up  Vivian Girls  buy on itunes


The aim of this mix is to have a "banging" start for about the 1st 30-40 minutes or so.. The aim then is slow down the mix and move from techno/electro and dub to more punk, noise and hardcore. When the Eric Copeland track kicks in, all the electronic tracks are over and that coipled with the Burning Star Core track act as a sort of relaxing moment until the real loud noise and hardcore kicks in!


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