What's on YOUR Tape 010 ~ Hanging by the Balcony ~ by Xanthi ~

Side A
Artist Song Buy
The Sundays   Here's Where the Story En ds  buy on itunes
Hey Paulette   Commonplace  buy on itunes
The Hidden Cameras   Why I Understand  buy on itunes
The School   Valentine  buy on itunes
The Jesus And Mary Chain   Far Gone and Out  buy on itunes
Frien ds  Give Me More  buy on itunes
The Hardy Boys   Se nd me a Sign  buy on itunes
Lets Go Naked   Rainshower Me  buy on itunes
Slumber Party   You've Gone Too Far  buy on itunes
The Hat Company  Lulu (Your Shoes Are Blue)  buy on itunes
Northern Portrait   I Give You Two Seconds to Entertain Me  buy on itunes
One Night Suzan   Why Don't You?  buy on itunes
The Crooner   Summer with Jane  buy on itunes
Side B
The Mighty Lemon Dro ps   Second Time Around  buy on itunes
The Housemartins   I Bit My Lip  buy on itunes
The Felt Tips   My Girlfrien d Tried to Run Me Over  buy on itunes
The Go-Betweens   Head Full of Steam  buy on itunes
Prefab Sprout   Appetite  buy on itunes
The Siddeleys   You Get What You Deserve  buy on itunes
This Poison!   Poised Over the Pause Button  buy on itunes
The Icicles   Crazy  buy on itunes
Summer Cats   Lonely Planet  buy on itunes
The Rosie Taylor Project   Anne Sexton  buy on itunes
The Occasional Flickers   Sunwards  buy on itunes
The Jaywalkers   (You Can't Be) Happy All the Time  buy on itunes


10th is a series of MixTapes from other music collectors for 2008!...this time from Xanthi from Greece! putting up some truly enjoyable and great pop tunes from the easily accesible side of pop to some obscure Greek indiepop that costs an arm and a leg if you want the original vinyl copy!...two more guests will round up the year of MixTapes! Please hear it at http://www.myspace.com/jesselbaltazar , I am hoping we can have at least twelve more like minded collectors who will take up the MixTape challenge for 2009 (ooopps...10 more slots since I already have two that are sen ding it soon!) Enjoy the MixTape and on your spare time go get that lonely, dusty vinyl off the shelf, put it on the turnt able and play it Loud! Cheers!


avocado rabbit
Date: 12/9/2008
Your correspondent from Greece has some choices I'm quite unfamiliar with. Looks to be worth a listen.

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