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Amy Says Rawr

Artist Song Buy
Russell Haswell  Maquette Augmentation  buy on itunes
OOIOO  Right Hand  buy on itunes
DJ Carhouse and MC Hellshit  HardCore Copy  buy on itunes
Sweep The Leg Johnny  The Thought of One's Own Death  buy on itunes
Angel Hair  You Were Ugly But You Got Cute Again  buy on itunes
Melt Banana  Spathic!!  buy on itunes
Lesser and Kid 606  Catnap (...Speaking of People With Mental Disorders in the Electronic Music Industry  buy on itunes
Z-Rock Hawaii   Piledriver  buy on itunes
Melt Banana  Chicken Headed Raccoon(sic) Dog  buy on itunes
OOIOO  tease her  buy on itunes
Lightning Bolt  Forcefield  buy on itunes
Boredoms  Shock City  buy on itunes
Dazzling Killmen  Captain is Dead  buy on itunes
Zeni Geva  Intercourse  buy on itunes
Kleenex/Liliput  Beri-Beri  buy on itunes
Keiji Haino   There  buy on itunes
Gravitar   Bludgeon  buy on itunes


Yea, i stole the mix's name from my friend amy's screen name. I guess i'll see her in court. so this mix is a noise-rock mix that was suppose to be a driving mix for Matt, but whoops. anyway the mix is still great, though i only made it half way through track eleven trying to drive to it. Oh well, my tracks are the OOIOO tracks and Keiji Haino 's There, which just blows me away...anyway i shudder to think what this world would be like without noise music.


Date: 6/2/2001
I'm going to put this on and drive over you.
Date: 6/2/2001
the sweep the leg johnny to angel hair transition is genius.
Date: 6/3/2001
this world would be complete and utter shite without noise. gawd bless merzbow and all his ilk.
Swoon 3712
Date: 6/4/2001
I think i would like to be hit by a van blasting the Dazzling Killmen. The Captain Is Dead, indeed.
Lissa Crayon
Date: 6/12/2001
lovely. vespertine music with a soporific effect. just what kind of nightcap the doctor ordered.
Date: 6/26/2001
spotted your mix on Lissa Crayon's favorites.. being somewhat obsessed with bicycles, i'm curious about this band 1967 Stingray. and everything else on this mix looks interesting too!
Peter Patnaik
Date: 7/3/2001
well, incase you ever check back for a response. its a sound of a 1967 stingray car peeling out...it fits well in the middle...and don't tell Elissa, but i don't know what vespertine means.
Mason Jar12
Date: 1/31/2004
one sick mix.. I saw Zeni Geva play with the Dazzling Killmen once.. nearly blew my head off.. I saw Gravitar once and I won't admit to what I was on at the time, but it was one of the strangest nights of my life (The Ruins and Craw were also on the bill).. very nice job..

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